Feb 10 2020

Xem Collective at Sa Sa Art, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: February 20 – April 10, 2020

Interface presents new works by the art collective XEM for the first time in Phnom Penh. XEM was formed in 2013 by five friends and artists – Quang Lam, Hoang Duong Cam, Phan Quang, Nguyen Thanh Truc and UuDam Tran Nguyen – through a shared passion for photography. While each member works independently on their respective practices, the group regularly produces a self-funded publication, also titled XEM, an experimental platform for practicing and sharing photography and related forms of artworks.

In the exhibition, physical works by each of the five artists take forms extending from their presentation in the magazine. The works presented here by XEM deal with not only what separates us but also what bonds and unites us. The very same things can produce multiple complex effects. Whether the interaction between humans and technology, the tension of political borders between sovereign states, conflicts among humans, the slippage of perception of reality, they are an in-between space, an interface that results in us.


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