Dec 01 2019

Vo Tran Chau at Culture Space Yang, Jeju, South Korea: December 3 – 29, 2019

Vo Tran Chau is currently exhibiting a new body of work in the solo exhibition Let clouds fly away at Culture Space Yang in Jeju, South Korea.

Made of used clothes sent to Vietnam by developed nations (including South Korea), Chau’s textile mosaics were inspired by the oral histories told to her by local villagers while she was an artist-in-residence in Jeju. In particular, Chau found in the stories of an elderly woman a life that represented an entire village – from the Jeju Massacre (1948 – 1954) to regime changes to the migration of the islanders to North Korea. Chau poetically memorializes a tragic history and gives voice to stories that should no longer remain silent.

Patiently dyeing each piece of fabric by hand and employing the traditional Jeju technique using persimmons, Chau could observe the gradual change in color and experience the roughness of the fabrics – “a metaphor for the natural mechanisms of self-defense humans adopt under harsh conditions,” Chau states. “Persimmons were everywhere in Jeju. The color is similar to the color of soil which envelops and nourishes people but also serves as witness and caretaker of the bodies in mass graves…”.

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