Oct 01 2018

Truong Cong Tung’s collective Art Labor at Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, USA: October 13, 2018 – March 25, 2019

Art Labor, a collective comprising artists Phan Thao Nguyen and Truong Cong Tung and curator Arlette Quynh-Tran, are collaborating with Joan Jonas to present their ongoing project Jrai Dew. Taking inspiration from the Jrai belief in the human and the cosmos, Jrai Dew critically looks at the cost of the capitalized world through mythic narratives.

The 57th edition of the Carnegie International offers visitors an abundance of encounters with the work of artists and collectives from around the world. The exhibition explores what “international” means at a moment when questions of nations, nationalism, boundaries, and border crossings are becoming ever more urgent. At the same time, the exhibition is very much of its specific place and time: Pittsburgh, 2018; local visitors will recognize the art of familiar, Pittsburgh-based artists. Bridging shifting terrains and forging surprising linkages, the exhibition invites visitors to make their own connections in the presence of art and other people.


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