Aug 15 2017

Truc-Anh – Le Céleste du Terrestre at Galerie Sator, Paris, France: September 1 – October 7, 2017

Truc-Anh’s new solo show Le Céleste du Terrestre is currently on view at Galerie Sator in Paris.

On the inspiration behind this exhibition, the artist has shared the following: “In April 2017, I went to Nepal with some other anonymous people, in front of the Himalayan chains, for an initiatory journey. The first part of the journey was divided into three shamanic ceremonies. These millenary rituals of Amazonian origin are built around a medicinal plant called Ayahuasca. This plant aims to plunge the being into the depths of its truth. It connects one with oneself, and to the Universe too. The second part was a rite of Amerindian passage called “Vision Quest”. It consists in being isolated from everything, without eating for five days, alone in the heart of nature. My exhibition is the result of this experience. ”

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