Sep 02 2017

Sandrine Llouquet – Chapitre 3: les 101 Grandes Déesses at Le Point Commun, Annecy, France: September 16 – November 5, 2017

Le Point Commun in Annecy, France is featuring a solo exhibition by Sandrine Llouquet this fall.

For Chapitre 3: les 101 Grandes Déesses (Chapter 3: 101 Great Goddesses), fascinated by the influence that beliefs and religions have had on various aspects of human existence, Sandrine Llouquet turns to what she sees as the source of spiritual beliefs: the mother goddess.

From the Paleolithic to the Indo-Iranian religions, rituals of contemporary tribes to mythology, the exhibition invites us to explore our collective unconscious through invented forms evoking esoteric rituals and ancient spiritual practices.

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