Apr 20 2019

Lien Truong at Artspace, Raleigh, NC, USA: April 26 – June 22, 2019

The Sky is Not Sacred features Lien Truong’s Translatio Imperii miniatures together with a video collaboration with artist Hong-An Truong.

Exploring themes of colonialism, landscape, memory, heritage, and war, this rich body of work investigates the complexities of personal experiences, geo-political history, poetry and visual culture.

Truong examines the effects of war and imperialist history on notions of heritage, nostalgia, and home. Laser cut lines of poetry in both English and Vietnamese, overlay two red oval landscapes, one depicting Vietnamese mountains and the other a recreation of an iconic Albert Bierstadt painting of the American west. For Truong, “the works look at the personal connections of landscape, poetry and the resonating geographic location one calls home.”

By examining the ways that art, landscape, and war have been used to assert cultural and national hierarchies, Truong subverts linear assertions and provides a highly complex vision of human experience.


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