Dec 10 2016

Jamie Maxtone-Graham at Nha San Studio, Hanoi, Vietnam: December 18, 2016

Organised by Nha San Collective and Queer Forever!, Sex, Refugees and Video represents a rare occasion to meet and talk with photographer, cinematographer and film director Jamie Maxtone-Graham, and artist, curator Việt Lê.

Jamie Maxtone-Graham and Việt Lê will share their individual works as well as their short experimental film collaboration eclipse, featuring the music of Đại Lâm Linh and Nhà Sàn Collective artists.

Jamie will briefly present selections from three recent portfolios of portraits produced in 2014-2016 which center on a series of made around the time of the film shot with Viet Le – a ‘before, during and after’. His portraits often combine elements of fiction and non-fiction and an uncertain relationship between people and place.

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