Jun 13 2018

Hoang Duong Cam at Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller, France: June 23 – September 30, 2018

Hoang Duong Cam will be showing the video Falling Cloud (2008) in The Atlas of Clouds at the Francois Schneider Foundation, alongside more than 15 other international artists.

Since ancient times, the theme of clouds has been a significant symbol in iconography, as well as a remarkably inspirational motif throughout the centuries, particularly in painting and photography. Symbolic, poetic, threatening, divine … the cloud is at the heart of artistic representations. In the 21st century it continues to inspire many visual artists, contributing to the discussion of numerous environmental and political issues.

The Atlas of the Clouds takes a playful and sensory approach, invoking the curiosity of a wide range of audiences through a geographical, sociological and philosophical journey.

More than 15 international artists are presented in the project, exhibiting a range of works including photographs, daguerreotypes, neon lights, light installations, videos, fiber sculptures, drawings… Contributing to this multi-faceted conversation, Hoang Duong Cam’s Falling Cloud addresses and challenges the issues surrounding mega-cities in Asia.


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